At Sixth Form, students begin to specialize and the number of subjects studied reduces to four, or occasionally five. These are studied to an advanced level, accredited by an array of GCE Advanced and GCE Advanced Subsidiary qualifications. At this academy, each subject will be studied for five hours per week, four of these with a specialist teacher and a fifth in supervised study.

The first year of sixth form ends with a number of examinations in the summer season. These result in the award of GCE Advanced Subsidiary (AS) qualifications.

It is then normal for students to choose three of their four main subjects to continue to GCE Advanced (A2) level in the second year of sixth form. All students are tutored for General Studies in addition to their four main subjects; this means most students finish the lower sixth with five Advanced Subsidiary qualifications. They then, in general, leave the school at the end of the upper sixth with four subjects completed to A2 level.

Some students study five main subjects in the lower sixth and some also study three; these are exceptions but the school has the flexibility to allocate a modified curriculum where requested. There are also options to continue all four subjects through to A2 level in the upper sixth, or indeed to continue only two subjects while at the same time instead picking up a different AS qualification. We believe in building our curriculum around the needs of the student.

All necessary books are issued by the school and further texts are available in the library, to which all students have full access at break and lunch times as well as after school and during any free periods.