Rewards and Sanctions


Praising and rewarding students raises their self-esteem, helps them to learn to accept praise with good grace, enables them to appreciate their strengths and to recognise the success of others. In addition to verbally acknowledging pupils’ efforts, staff award merits to students for a wide variety of reasons. Merits are counted at the end of each term and contribute towards the total for the prestigious house cup. Another part of the school’s policy is to reward academic success and progress, effort, good behaviour and positive contributions to the school and local community. This may be done informally through staff praise and encouragement or formally, for example through the school’s own Bronze, Silver and Gold Award Scheme, individual subject prizes and certificates, attendance certificates and sporting awards. Achievement may be celebrated in school assemblies, newsletters, prizegiving, the Governors’ Report and the local press. Students are encouraged to record their achievements and in Year 11 they will collate these in their Record of Achievement which will be updated in Years 12 and 13.


Sanctions are necessary to maintain positive behaviour and are used when necessary. Misdemeanors are logged by staff on each student’s ‘amber card’ which they are responsible for keeping with them at all times. Form tutors monitor this regularly; parents can do this also. A range of sanctions is used, including detention and individual reports.