Ofsted Report


Staff and Students are celebrating a very positive report by Ofsted following an Inspection on the 8th/9th of May 2013.  Overall the school was graded as good with a number of outstanding features.

This is a very pleasing report. We are committed to working with the staff, students and parents to ensure that the school improves even further and ultimately achieves an outstanding grading at our next inspection in 3 to 5 years time.

Inspectors praised students at KSHSSA as having outstanding attitudes to learning. Teaching is described as good with a significant proportion that is outstanding. A key factor they identified in lessons was the excellent relationships between staff and students.

In addition they said that students feel safe and secure at the school which has a ‘calm and purposeful atmosphere’ complimenting KSHSSA students as being ‘considerate, courteous and polite at all times’.